G.I. Joe figures are seen in a diorama at a G.I. Joe Collectors Club show in Batavia, Ill. The club will have its 25th anniversary convention in Chattanooga Thursday through Sunday, with Saturday and Sunday open to the public.

LISA DENTON: Barry, an American hero is coming to Chattanooga this weekend. He's rough and tough, but I think you could take him since he's only 12 inches tall.

Although he might have you beat in one area since he's an action figure.

BARRY COURTER: Wellll, Smartypants, every G.I Joe I ever had only moved when I threw it. Or launched it with a bunch of firecrackers.

LISA: You have a point. I guess it's just that your Bonnaroo hangover has lasted a little longer than usual. I don't mean you're still feeling the effects of any adult beverages you may or may not have consumed. I'm talking heat fatigue. And the fact that the music lasted into the wee hours. Way past your bedtime.

BARRY: I blew so far past my usual bedtime every night it was practically tomorrow when I finally got to bed. And it is far too hot up there to enjoy too many adult beverages, so, yes, the heat and long hours caught up with me. But it was a good time with lots of good music, some of which is coming our way soon.

LISA: Maybe you'll be rested up for the G.I. Joe Collectors Club's 25th anniversary convention, which is open to the public Saturday and Sunday at the Chattanooga Convention Center. Some of the big names in G.I. Joe world will be here for autographs, and there'll be movie screenings and panel discussions and products for sale.

My brother had a G.I. Joe — one with a beard even — but I never got to play with it. I tried to swap out my wimpy Ken doll, but he wasn't having it.

BARRY: I can totally see that.

It's a crazy busy weekend at Songbirds with six shows on the schedule in the North and South venues, with some pretty big names among them. It starts on Thursday with Kevn Kinney, followed by Ray Wylie Hubbard and Rubik's Groove the next night. Then Scott Mulvahill and CBDB with Bird Dog Jubilee at the venues on Sunday.

LISA: It makes me happy to know that Kevn Kinney spells his first name the conventional way, Kevin, in real life. Otherwise, it looks like the nurse tripped while she was writing it on the hospital form after she asked his parents what they were naming him. K-E-V (nurse stubs toe) N.

Yes, I know I've spent way too much time worrying about this.

BARRY: He has a history of dropping letters. He founded the band Drivin N Cryin, which I hesitate to mention because of the trauma it will cause you. Never mind the missing "a," "d" and two "g's," he left out the four apostrophes that should have replaced them. The horror. Take deep breaths.

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