So many folks have asked or emailed me about comparisons between Samantha Bee and Roseanne Barr, and whether they should be viewed in the same way.

So let's discuss it.

Roseanne has a long history of being offensive, and whether the pro-Trump crowd knows it or not, her national anthem antics were far more offensive than anything Colin Kaepernick ever did.

Bee has a history of being forgetfully unfunny. It's a history she continued earlier this week with the vulgar and vile comment about Ivanka Trump that included calling her the C-word.

Those are not the only comparisons that need to be mentioned, however.

Roseanne was on a social media rant, tweeting by herself, and whether or not she was on Ambien is anyone's guess. She understandably lost her job and cost dozens of other crew members their jobs, too.

Bee crafted a monologue for a nationally televised show. She almost assuredly had that monologue edited and/or proofread and typed into a teleprompter. It was recorded with a studio full of professionals ,and that clip was cleared for online posting and to be televised.

And not a single one of those people ever paused to think, "Hey, is it really such a good thing to call anyone a C-word on a nationally syndicated TV network?"

That's truly the crazy thing.

Roseanne certainly deserved to be fired for her Twitter hatred. Sadly, her entire crew got canned for her stupidity. But the star and the leadership of "Full Frontal with Samantha Bee" thought it was kosher to use one of the most sexist and offensive words in the English language and there are no repercussions for anyone?

Now, I could be cynical and think that Samantha Bee and Co. were not stupid or careless or anything close to that and they did this on purpose. Why else would anyone be talking about her show anyway?

I would then have to evaluate intent.

Roseanne — and again this is not defending her — was stupid and maybe not thinking straight. That's her burden now.

Samantha Bee and her entire show — potentially deliberately — called someone the worst name they could and they all are still allowed to work.

We, as a country, need to figure out how to address that, whether those folks get fired or not.

Want to be a Saturday star?

We have had a lot of rain over the last few days.

With that in mind, if you are looking to participate in something this morning that will certainly make you feel good, know this: The annual Memorial Day flag pickup at the Chattanooga National Cemetery will be this morning at 8 a.m. The great folks on the cemetery staff will be there to assist all those interested.

Normally the collection ceremony is on Tuesday of Memorial Day weekend, but the weather made that impossible.

Saturday star

When I saw the story this week about experts wanting people to have colonoscopies at 45 rather than 50, I winced.

I'm 47. The time is now. And as unpleasant as the process is, delaying the process is potentially deadly.

Still, my second thought was about the MoParty Car show last month in East Ridge.

Ken Meredith, a bona fide NASCAR expert and local car celebrity, has hosted the MoParty in recent years. In 2017, a weekend of rain washed away the event for the most part, and Meredith lost about $10,000 making good on pledges and commitments.

This year, the sun smiled and it was a monster success.

As for the connection? Well, Meredith and Co. give the proceeds to the local folks fighting colon cancer.

And as much as everyone should get checked, the more folks who saddle up and make a difference are the definition of Saturday stars around these parts.

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