Trump tramples holiday solemnity

Memorial Day, our most moving civic observance, honors veterans who died in our wars. Every commander in chief issues a statement honoring those veterans with the solemnity they deserve.

Until Monday, when VoteVets, which represents a half-million veterans, branded President Trump's statement the "most inappropriate" comment ever issued by an American president:

"Happy Memorial Day! Those who died for our great country would be very happy and proud at how well our country is doing today. Best economy in decades, lowest unemployment numbers for Blacks and Hispanics EVER (& women in 18 years)! rebuilding our military and so much more. Nice!"

Didn't take long for anger to erupt. Wrote one woman, "Ah, the exclamation point after the happy! Because us Goldstars just love love love this day!"

Trump wasn't the only offender. For sheer crassness, how about the Republican Party's decision to use Memorial Day to fund raise? It offered a 25 percent discount off Trump campaign merchandise. Its helpful advice: "Use Code: Remember."

Someone suggested an item "memorializing" Trump's five deferments, one for "bone spurs": The Purple Bone Spur. "For those who wounded their patriotism evading the draft."

Michael Loftin

Local roads will rattle your teeth

Let me tell you how to save money on your dental checkups: Just drive around town on some of the roads. If the fillings in your teeth don't come loose or fall out, you're good to go for another six months!

John Turnipseed

Diversity reflected in hospital staff

We live in the greatest country in the world. I would dig under a wall or catch a caravan to get here, too. We believe it to be the land of opportunity. Recently, I was admitted to Memorial Hospital; something dreaded turned out to be a pleasant learning experience. It was like having medical experts from the U.N. answering my call button.

I not only had American citizens attend me; some were from India, Mexico, the Philippines, the Ukraine, Mongolia and Romania. My care could not have been better. Since immigration is in the news, it would behoove us all to reflect: we are all "Boat People." Everyone coming to this country is not perfect; neither do they find perfection when they reach our shores.

The people at Memorial are truly helping "Make America Great." If President Trump should have a medical emergency while visiting Tennessee, he would be well served spending time at Memorial. People from all over the world would attend his needs; it just might challenge his position on immigration. That wouldn't be bad!

Wilbourne C. Markham Sr.

Signal Mountain

We should give Trump his due

Writers have said we need to give Trump credit for things he has done. So, here we go: canceled Iranian deal (gas prices have gone up), passed tax cuts for super rich (national debt has gone up), threatened auto tariffs (Tennessee auto industry suffers), sets poor example to youngsters (adultery, insulting women, bullying people, encouraging lies, promoting greed). The list goes on.

Rocky Renneisen

Signal Mountain