Hypocritical Trump lacks moral compass

I'm growing very tired, sick even of President Trump disparaging Sen. John McCain. President Trump was in Nashville recently for a rally for Marsha Blackburn. Even while John McCain is dying from a brain tumor, the president took the opportunity to ridicule him. Disgusting.

Three years ago, he said, "McCain is a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren't captured."

McCain was shot down in combat. Serving his country.

Our president has no moral compass. He screams military support yet he dodged the draft by having his Park Avenue doctor write a note saying he had bone spurs. Sorry, that dog don't hunt. Just like Rush Limbaugh getting a deferment for anal/pilonidal cysts with a note from his doctor.

Rich white men (most who never served) send poor whites and minorities to the draft board where they go and cough and then move on to the head shaving. The doctors don't send you to an MRI/X-ray room to check for bone spurs.

What a hypocrite. I feel certain his term won't last. For an innocent man he sure doth protest too much about the investigation by Mueller.

Tim Engel, Hixson


It is possible to get ahead of shootings

Does it make a difference if we look at the head or the tail of a thing? In most cases, probably "yes."

So let's try that with school shootings, where we now start after the event and blame a mindless gun. Later we examine the person firing the gun and find that he is known, recognized and not a surprise to his victims.

Do we have a choice? Of course we do. Does anyone have foresight and fear of a potential shooter? Of course they do. Kids of that age are very much aware of antisocial behaviors.

So let's identify potential shooters by starting with what every more mature class knows; who is antisocial and brooding enough to find fame of a sort by killing classmates, and begin to work with them via whatever counseling is required.

Teachers and other adult observers are also well able to differentiate between horseplay and more deadly exercise. Include them in the mix.

Let's get ahead of the next tragedy by starting at the source rather than gunfire in a hallway. It has to work better than 1,000 kids lying down in the grass.

Clif Tinkham


Letter writer casting stones

It is apparent that [a May 15 letter writer is] not a Christian, because if you were or knew anything about party platforms, you would be asking your question, "How can Christians back our president?" to the almost president (Hillary Clinton). Planned Parenthood/abortion? Selling body parts?

Perhaps, you are just casting stones and making statements without having any facts?

Example: If Trump did commit adultery with a porn star, he was a private citizen, unlike some past presidents who committed adultery while in office. You say he is a "star"; tell me what does that have to do with running the country? This is bitter politics, being unwilling to accept what happened and move on. I bet you did not reject the increase of your take-home pay. That is, if you are in the workforce.

My suggestion is read God's word before making judgment, period. Who knows what might happen? You might get rid of your rock garden!

Peter Gibson