Ambrose's criticism of Trump is limp

How surprised I was to see columnist Jay Ambrose begin his June 1 Free Press piece by attacking Donald Trump ("The Perils of Defending Trump"): "I am not a Republican. I did not vote for Donald Trump. ... The tweets, the mostly ignorant buffoonish tweets sum up the worst of him ..."

But he quickly turns: "[T]he left has illustrated repeatedly why it is twice the danger to our republic than he is." He recaps his hatred for Obama, including "costly regulations that stymie business ... even if some do ... good."

After skewering Clean Power, immigration and the Iran treaty, Ambrose declares "the GOP tax reform ... the single biggest gift to working- and middle-class Americans in decades, [including] minorities."

Then, he turns again: "I do believe Trump's international trade games could be economically ruinous and his casualness about the debt is enough to make one shiver."

And turning a final time, [Democrats] "following good luck in mid-term elections and his impeachment, the hope is to enforce more semi-socialist ... central planning."

Whew! I would feel sorry for him except I recall from earlier writings this is a man who doesn't believe Social Security bonds are worth anything.

Byron Chapin, Hixson


Spend capital funds on needed paving

I, too, think the proposed new lighting system for our walkway Walnut Street Bridge could be better delayed until a couple of other things are addressed.

Case in point, our "bridge" fiasco at Standifer Gap. There's $2 million that (obviously) wasn't planned for.

Or pave the entrances of Missionary Ridge tunnels on the city side. They paved the Brainerd side, then stopped. It's nice coming from Brainerd Road until you get to the city side where it feels worse than a washboard.

First some people wanted to rename the bridge; now they want to dress it up with lights.

Hello? Is anyone really listening?

John Williams


Detaining children will have lasting ill effects

On June 5, the United Nations called on the Trump administration to halt separating children from parents seeking asylum in the U. S., calling it abnormal to detain children.

Many are too young to even have language to know what is happening to them, but it is all being recorded in their immature nervous systems. Completely dependent physically and emotionally on parents, they cannot thrive on their own.

What this government is taking away from them can never be replaced. This depraved action comes from the mind of Donald Trump, and is supported by some in the Republican Party.

On June 4, Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley of Oregon went to McAllen Border Station in Brownsville, Texas, to investigate. He had previously been at that facility and seen "hundreds of children locked up in cages ... big cages made of fencing with wire and nets ..." Merkley was turned away. The police ignored that he is a U.S. senator whose office arranged for him to be admitted.

Sen. Merkley's question: "Why are children being abused in this way?" is met with only Trump's generic opinion: "This is required for security."

Faye Walter, Ph.D., retired clinical psychologist

Francis X. Walter, Episcopal priest

Sewanee, Tenn.