Proud that 'grads' aspire to be police

I attended a "graduation celebration" at Presbyterian Day School. After singing songs and reciting poems, my granddaughter Emma Cate and 31 other 4- and 5-year-olds were introduced as they walked across the stage, to the delight of proud parents, family and friends.

As a child's name was announced, the speaker told us what he or she wanted to be when each became an adult. It was noteworthy to hear a full one-third of them say they wanted to be a policeman (person). I applaud their teachers and parents for instilling in these young people an appreciation for the work of the men and women who protect us and maintain law and order each day. It should be mentioned that these young minds are full of hope and dreams. One young lady produced several smiles when she said she wanted to be a unicorn.

Angelo "Nubby" Napolitano

Signal Mountain

Leaders 'servants to capitalism'

I am nearly 80. I am frail, feeble, a veteran and live alone with my little dog, PeeWee. I have carpal tunnel, arthritis, am blind in one eye, lame and depressed. I have no friends. My kin are gone.

My only connection with the outside world is TV. I am forced to pay $20 for it. I am smothered with constant commercials and crime, unconscionable utility bills and fallen trees. The wind took my roof ($20,000 that I don't have). PeeWee's veterinarian charges me more than a doctor; we both suffer.

Most states with a heart and a conscience don't levy property taxes on elderly, indigent citizens. My income is $71 a month. My property taxes are $2,000.

Our leaders are useless, unaccountable servants to capitalism. As hippies, we feared capitalism more than communism. Now I know why. Over 50 percent of college-aged kids in Georgia can't afford to go. Our kids can't read or write in cursive.

My life in America has been a struggle for our God-given rights and money. My life is almost over. I have given up hope.

"My country 'tears' of thee "

Robert Lee Brown

Is it a witch-hunt or no witch-hunt?

No collusion! No corruption! No obstruction! No conspiracy! No money laundering! No tax evasion! No wire fraud! No nepotism! No campaign violations! No "back channels"! No abuse of power! No treason! No indictments! No perjury!

Some witch-hunt.

We'll see what happens.

David C. Redheffer

Ringgold, Ga.

End cheap labor; shorten work week

If conservatives and liberals would listen to each other, they might discover they agree on a few things, the differences being only in the way of achieving them.

Everybody would benefit from a truly healthy economy, an economy that would occur if they listened to each other. In such an economy, physically and mentally healthy adults could get jobs and support their families with comfortable homes, food, clothing, education, recreation, health care and have time for social activities. Their expenditures would boost the economy and keep it perpetually healthy. Why isn't it happening? The short answer is that we don't have time to listen.

Free enterprise, which we credit for creating wealth, could set fair prices and wages but doesn't because it is undermined by those who unlawfully pay productive workers slave wages. In saving those underpaid workers, charities, welfare and educational programs inadvertently create and sustain a surplus of cheap labor.

A healthy economy can be achieved by eliminating cheap labor and shortening the workweek so all able people who want to can participate in supporting an economy healthy enough to sustain itself without cycling between booms and busts.

It's up to us.

James O.B. Wright

Sequatchie, Tenn.

Trump should try on Christian mantle

This is in response to the May 18 letter "Perfect Christian candidate laughable." No one expects our president to be a perfect Christian, but I think it's reasonable to expect a little effort. Trump is openly hateful, uncivil and racist. He makes no effort to demonstrate Christian values or behavior.

Would this writer be so magnanimous if our president was a liberal Democrat? I doubt it.

Nancy Bishop

Birchwood, Tenn.

Lookout Valley needs a Publix

Praise to the reader who thinks Publix should be thinking Lookout Valley. The Southside, Alton Park, St. Elmo and Lookout Mountain have a nice Food City. All residents of Lookout Valley are "Walmartians" after forcing out Food Lion and the previous Bi-Lo. I have to drive to Trenton to shop Ingles and Trenton Food Outlet. Give us a break.

Jane Edwards

Tragedy is now a child's ride? Please!

I was astonished and saddened to the see the picture Sunday of kids sliding down an inflatable sinking Titanic water slide during "Down Home Days."

When did it become acceptable to turn tragedy into a child's ride? Maybe they should have a Twin Tower that deflates or an inflatable replica of Houston that floods during a hurricane. Would that be acceptable? Shame on the company that built this slide and the Chickamauga Lions Club for renting it.

Brian Watson

Last administration not corruption-free

An opinion piece in last Sunday's paper says the Obama administration was largely corruption-free. What planet has columnist Albert Hunt been living on? Does he not know what's been going on in Washington for the last two years? Now we find there were actually spies deployed on the opposition-party campaign. Sounds kind of Third World, huh? This is the biggest scandal ever.

He thinks because he down plays "Fast and Furious" and the "IRS scandal" we will just believe him when he says there was no "there" there; and the theme of his article is that Trump has no integrity. Are you kidding me? And I'm supposed to believe this guy from Bloomberg News when he is lying through his teeth?

I swear, you can't believe anything you read anymore. The press has gone over the left-side cliff. And why would a substantial newspaper print such drivel? I guess they think we are such saps that we won't know better. This article is just absolutely shocking.

Taylor E. Cavin


'Do ya'll fly them planes at night?'

What? This is the year 2018, and the Chattanooga airport has no third shift? Everyone goes home and turns out the lights at 11 p.m. A Delta flight comes to the airport after 11, and there are no runway lights on. So the pilot returns to Atlanta to fuel the plane with passengers aboard. In the meantime, a Delta official is contacting the manager of the Chattanooga airport in total disbelief. When asked, the manager replied, "Do ya'll really fly them planes at night?"

Jim Griffin

Chickamauga, Ga.