Gun rights guarantee 'questionable at best'

The right of any and all Americans to own and carry any kind of gun they wish is questionable at best.

For more than two centuries the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was interpreted to apply only to a "well-regulated militia."

Those who hold the current interpretation to be sacrosanct would do well to remember that the Declaration of Independence declares that we "are endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness."

Thus, a high school student's right to life itself certainly outweighs a shooter's right to bear arms.

Ila Raye Bennington, Harrison, Tenn.


God able to use flawed people

Mr. Cal Thomas (commentary, April 26), you are so wrong. Our devotion is to God.

We realize Mr. Trump is president because it is the will of God. No, he's not perfect, and he may have a shady past, but due to the unfair persecution he is receiving, we feel that he must be lifted up to God continuously.

Moses was a murderer and often disobedient to God, but he was still God's man. When Aaron and Hur stood on either side of him and held his hands, they prevailed in their battle (Genesis 17:12). Paul was also guilty of great sins, causing many Christians to be killed or imprisoned. God used him to spread the Gospel, and he wrote much of the New Testament (Acts 9).

God uses us if we are willing to obey him.

Trump is fearless when it comes to facing our enemies. Thank God we have a president who does not bow down to the rest of the world.

Janette Roberts


Common sense needed on guns

By April 22, America had suffered 67 mass shootings.

When the Parkland, Fla., students marched protesting the loss of innocent lives, media figures labeled them "traumatized children used by the gun control agenda."

On the cover of the book, "Hands off My Gun," by Dana Loesch, spokesperson for the NRA, she poses snuggling her AR-15. She berates President Obama and any challenge to a sweeping interpretation of the Second Amendment.

NRA officials and their elected toadies maraud through the American public and media.

An Army veteran has declared, "When I see a young man openly carrying a firearm, I can only think of how much can go wrong!" Hours of training are required before a soldier is entrusted with his weapon. And his weapon must be matched up with his rational psyche.

Our nation's love of firearms and history of hyper-masculinity have produced a culture where millions think only they could stand between good and evil. This is not simply Second Amendment rights. Killing another human being, even a "bad one," is not easy but overwhelming.

This is time for common sense.

Gary Knowles, Ringgold, Ga.


Why would Mueller be fair to Trump?

An open letter to President Trump:

Recently, you stated publicly that if you could be treated fairly, you would be willing to talk to special counsel Robert Mueller.

To point out the obvious, if you haven't been treated fairly up to now, what makes you think you would be treated fairly at any point going forward?

John Turnipseed