'Ends justifies the means' is flawed

I read both sides of the editorial pages daily. I do this to try to get an understanding of the thinking of all sides of the political spectrum. That brings me to Free Press columnist Robin Smith's May 14 column.

Normally, I do not agree with her and find her conclusions confusing. But this time there was no mistaking what she was proposing: "the end justifies the means" when it comes to President Trump's actions and words. This is the same thinking of many Republicans in Congress.

Here is what Smith wrote: "Granted, Trump has character flaws: he's arrogant, temperamental and plainly a jerk on a regular basis. Trump's absence of pleasantries, a deficient resume that's absent of the fineries of intellect and academia and his brashness in moving his agenda forward always offend some. Thus, folks who despise The Donald often miss the good policy he's churning out."

I don't understand how a person of moral character such as Smith could delude herself into believing that no matter how offensive, ignorant and untruthful the man is, it's OK because she gets what she and the Republican Party want, no matter what it says about their character.

Fred Kuhn, Signal Mountain


Keep Donald Trump, staff in your prayers

May Michelle Wolf come to a moment in life when she sees the truth of herself through the eyes and heart of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

In the meantime I'm for Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and acknowledge her poise, grace, honor and integrity in the midst of an openly hostile environment. It is my hope that both Sarah Sanders and Kellyanne Conway will exact the best "revenge" possible by giving their rights for vengeance to Jesus Christ and let him handle the hostile people, and, then do as Matthew 5:43-48 says we should.

Last but not least, I would also encourage other believers to obey Matthew 5:43-48 as well as keep our president and his staff in our prayers.

If you think this is a burdensome task, check out Germaine Copeland's new book, "Prayers that avail much for America." Easy to read and use.

Edna Bogue, Henagar, Ala.


Candidates: Back early childhood ed

As a concerned young adult thinking of our future, I strongly believe that all children deserve a strong start in life. And I'm not alone.

A vast majority of likely voters in Tennessee — both Republican and Democrat — who responded to a recent poll commissioned by Save the Children Action Network (SCAN) said they are more likely to vote for a candidate who supports investments in high-quality early childhood education.

We know that ensuring our children have a bright future is a bipartisan issue, and I have been pleased to see many gubernatorial candidates discuss their support for programs such as pre-K.

A child's brain is nearly developed before they enter kindergarten, so it's critical to guarantee they have access to programs that will help them gain the cognitive and social skills that will lead to success later in life.

Alongside other SCAN supporters across the Volunteer State, I look forward to continuing to urge all the candidates to explain their position on early childhood education.

Please join us to encourage our state's next governor to put our children — and our collective future — first.

Rachael Horn


It's not hard to find 'scum' all around here

We find terrorist scum from all around the planet. Unfortunately, there are four major terrorist groups right here at home that should be recognized.

They are: religious zealots from any faith; Trump cultists; the far right wing of the Republican Party; and the National Rifle Association.

William Greeson