We have met Big Brother. His name is Mark Zuckerberg.

That's an impressive homeless camp, on toxic land, across from the Community Kitchen. And the city is just now working on a solution?

If Trump were a genius and as smart as he says, he'd resign knowing he was in over his head.

The Russians did not persuade me to vote for Donald Trump. Hillary, Barack and the Liberals did.

Thank you Mr. President, for defending American citizens against the brutal tyranny of Amazon.

You have a better chance of dying from alcohol, disease, automobiles and falling than a gun; how are you going to outlaw falling ?

If only the time and money spent to march, riot and destroy could be used to help many in great need.

I wonder how the ranter who praised Trump for his portfolio a while back feels now?

To those in power in Washington, D.C.: Remember the Trojan Horse. This may not be what it seems to be when NOKO offers an olive branch.

Democrats want to raise the age to buy guns to 21. OK, then an 18-year-old isn't competent to vote either.

If we are to stop mass shootings by banning guns, let's ban another kind of mass killing — cell phones. Stop texting while driving.

Columnist Ron Hart proves weekly, through humor, one can tell the truth.

I am boycotting all of the companies that dropped advertising on Laura Ingraham. Please join me.

If Williamson County, Tenn., can spend $8,408 per student and have a 100 percent graduation rate, why not Hamilton County?

In four years many of those Florida students who survived that nightmare will be able to vote. Trump might think about that.

Marchers, wise up, you are being used. Sad for America. Read March 25 commentary by Walter Williams. You might learn something.

What is to be said of a society whose police shoot unarmed people yet are almost always exonerated? Is a badge a license to murder?

Seventeen people working for Jimmy Haslam are involved in a multi-year, multimillion-dollar conspiracy to commit fraud and he knows nothing about it? Really?

I say just do away with the census altogether. Facebook has all the information we need!

Brilliant! Eliminate the statewide grading system so we no longer have failing schools. I'll bet the rebranded million-dollar C-suite came up with this one.

I would guess, per capita, East Ridge has more illegals than Los Angeles, Calif. Our schools are full of non-taxpaying residents. Send them back.

Last week I thought our market fundamentals were sound and we should ignore Trump tweets. Tariffs/trade war are changing my mind. Buckle up.

Why do I have to change my privacy settings to protect my data? Facebook should be required to obtain my permission before sharing my data.

We can't fix potholes in Chattanooga but we can paint feel-good murals.

It's exactly the opposite, ranter. We already have a nice grocery store on Signal. We could probably use a nice office building for professionals.

Spending billions to figure out how to make Mars habitable for humans when Earth wears out defies logic. Spend it on keeping Earth habitable.

A PUPPY DIEs and the Senate immediately passes a bill that bans the placement of animals in overhead bins. Seventeen more children killed and ... nothing.

No fish is "invasive!" Those fish are law-abiding and come here to improve their lives. Their children are Dreamer Fish!

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