Have we ever had a more corrupt administration than we have now? If the roles were reversed, Republican heads would be exploding.

I am the ranter who likes his portfolio. I still do. Market has to self correct. Thank you.

Please tell me that President Trump isn't going to squander the great economy Obama handed him the way Bush II did from Clinton.

Use Facebook at your own peril. You have no privacy. Remember that when you post about your breakfast, vacation, favorite book or movie, etc.

Rant from a white Southerner: MLK Forever! Trump Never Again!

Have you noticed? Trump haters still hating. Trump still going. Can't haters see how unimportant they are?

Israel, stop using live ammunition on unarmed Palestinians protesting for human rights.

Spring really is right around the corner, right? Right?

So where exactly are the homeless from the tent city going? Can we expect to see them in the "new" Miller Park?

Who knew how nasty local politics could get? Wow. The powerful can throw their weight around, huh?

You don't know if Russia influenced your vote. That is the whole idea behind what they did. Understanding of this has just begun.

Trump cannot blame Democrats for the DACA debacle. He made it himself by his own declaration removing their protection months ago.

Clay Bennett seems to like to make fun of Mr. Trump's alleged adultery. At least it was not on our property (the White House).

It's budget season, fellow taxpayers. Pay attention to where our elected officials are spending your money. Remember, they work for us.

Glad to see companies boycott FOX hate merchants like Laura Ingraham.

Think Trump's tariffs on China are great? Wait'll you see rising prices of beer, pickups, guns (not mentioning food, clothes and shoes for your kids).

"Trade wars are good and easy to win" is right up there with "We'll build a wall and Mexico will pay for it."

Facebook surprise? In 1975 Frank Zappa warned "people are going to try to sell you things maybe you shouldn't ought to buy."

Please remember, not all Southerners, not even those living in rural areas, speak what Jerry Drye calls Southern colloqulal language.

We have a traffic engineer? Ha! Fooled me. I guess they never drive on Fourth Street during rush hour.

Unused bike lanes. Terrible city streets. Updated city park for homeless who really need housing. Who makes these poor financial decisions for the city?

The name change of the local Harley dealer is offensive in many different ways. What were they drinking when they made that decision?

What's wrong with you, Wiedmer? Patrick Reed wins the Masters, and your column about him is all negative. Sour grapes your player didn't win?

WHY IS IT that when Russia attacks our democracy Trump says nothing, but when the FBI executes a lawful raid of his lawyer he says it's an "attack on our country"?

Placing Kennedy's column next to Stamps' column is like placing Michelle next to Melania.

Hey, Clay Bennett, what if Hillary had won? You would never criticize her? Out of work!

Paul Ryan used his father's Social Security benefits to pay his way through college, but then he has dedicated much of his political career to trying to slash Social Security for everyone else. Gee, thanks.

Early voting has started! Take five minutes to vote, please. These candidates deserve to know what we really think. The ballot box works!

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