Sen. Corker's valuing friendship with Gov. Bredesen more than the Republican Party over everything mentality is refreshing.

Apparently there were no good guys with guns at the Waffle House. It took an actual hero with no gun to stop a massacre.

Two black men are wrongly arrested. The media goes off the rails and Starbucks implodes. Someone, please wake me.

Open borders, diversity, the gorgeous mosaic being preached by our liberal friends will result in the end of the historic nation we love.

Tim Boyd and Brent Lambert: A choice between the evil of two lessers.

Enough building in North Chattanooga. They hardly have room to breath as it is. Stop the madness.

Public work officials, please look at Graysville Road and decide to make it as smooth as it is when one crosses into Catoosa County.

Is there a reason white children are not on the mural? Surely we have white children living in Eastdale and East Chattanooga.

If I were the king, the stock market report in the Sunday TFP would be in the "Business" section.

Time for the highest paid employee at the University of Tennessee/ Knoxville to master subject/verb agreement. Come on, Coach, you can afford a tutor.

Glad man and woman were ushered out of Tivoli for videoing show (Motown). Rules are for others, you know.

Democrats cry, what is being achieved in Syria ? Many asked the same question during the Obama Administration.

When Sen. "Banty Rooster" Paul threatens, folks quake and tremble. Not! He boasts right before he folds. Consistently. Much like Cruz joke from Texas.

The tremendous increase in ads is killing TV. We are subjected to loud background music 24/7 and can't hear what is being said.

To all you haters of the president (Christians, also): The scriptures tell us this is my commandment that you love one another as I have loved you.

If Barack Obama had even gotten King Jong-un to a summit meeting, he'd have been given a second Nobel Prize. Trump? Just more hate.

Although Phil Bredesen was a good governor, don't let any commercial fool you that he wouldn't be a never-Trumper.

Draft evader wants a military parade, swamp now a sewer, White House now a fox house. After Trump is gone, how long to make America great again?

Don't be too hard on local Republicans for "bullying" or "us against them" thinking. It is the party of Trump after all.

The "progressive Democrats" are really Marxist-socialists and should be referred to as such.

Based on his behavior, I believe Trump is going for the "insanity" defense.

My great-great-great grandfather, who lived in 1776, whispered to me in a dream, "Did George Washington own a semi-automatic assault weapon?"

Everybody knows Trump is unethical, immoral and incompetent. The difference is between those who care and those who don't.

Sign in TFP photo: "Racism is so last century." Then why do the protesters want to make it "so this century"?

Driving on Davidson Road in East Brainerd would make the complaining letter to editor writer appreciate his trips on luxurious Cassandra Smith Road.

If I put "In God We Trust" on my car, will that stop a low-life coward from removing my "Thank a policeman today" sticker?

Maybe if golf carts were allowed in bike lanes a new demographic could take advantage.

Wisdom from mother of bus crash victim: "I believe in forgiveness but there are consequences." Preach it!

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