Even the disinterested and uninformed are beginning to notice the totally negative way the national news portrays everything about Trump.

If Donald Trump is looking for the real source of all his problems, he needs only to look in the mirror.

Thank you, POTUS, for your State of the Union speech. It made me proud to be an American again.

Hey, Trump, waste our money on your 50-foot wall and I will show you someone with a 51-foot ladder.

Reason why the Democrats didn't stand at the SOTU address — they are too old.

Millions of blacks, Hispanics and women support Trump. Are they racist and sexist too?

Shakespeare described the Nunes "memo" centuries ago, "Much Ado About Nothing." It, too, was a comedy.

The train wrecks with rich GOP lawmakers and their staff on way to a luxury retreat. Who paid for the retreat? You and me?

Thank you, late night hosts, for improving my health. Your monologues have gotten so boring and disgusting that I go to bed earlier.

"In America, anybody can be president. That's one of the risks you take." — Adlai Stevenson, statesman (1900-1965)

The Democrats are to blame for the shutdown, putting undocumented immigrants above our military and children. This is high treason.

What would the status of the #MeToo movement be today had Hillary won last year?

Venezuela's problems were caused by communist leaders keeping all the money from oil; nothing less.

Power company blamed for high bills? Mine was almost the same as last January. Thermostat at 68 degrees.

I am 67 years old and last week received the largest electric bill in my entire life. Shocked?! Who said electricity was cheap?

TVA tells the private sector to turn off lights, turn down heat; meanwhile, the space station can see the BCBS monstrosity on the hill.

Another meeting with McQueen, another year lost, students failed again. Never ends. Who will stop this? Not the board of education apparently. Sad.

Thank you, Tivoli, for a great Broadway lineup. How about elevating the experience and eliminating noisy cellophane-bagged snacks?

Latest news: Rats around the world have issued a memo containing evidence of bias and numerous ethical infractions by the Orkin Corp.!

Help! Chattanooga is being overtaken by graffiti. Building owners, TDOT, city departments, rise up! Keep the "Scenic City" scenic!

The reason there's not enough parking downtown is because ya'll changed the zoning codes, reducing parking requirements for developers. So, duh.

School board members best be asking questions of their attorney; otherwise, they will be surprised at legal bills coming their way.

Cloverdale Neighborhood Association: To the thief who stole our community sign at Norcross Road and Cloverdale Drive, did you smile for the security camera?

The space allotted to Gary Trudeau would be better served with crayon drawings of my grandson with captions from 101 jokes for the common man.

Want to see the rate of speeding tickets soar? Ticket the police. Two just sped past me to turn into Arby's. Really!

Settle down, folks, about the stock market. We are in this for the long haul. Be sensible. No freak-outs necessary. Please.

A retired woman was dismayed after informing a young female staff worker at the YMCA we once had YWCA. Her response: "Sorry, 'W' stood for what?'

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