Politicians want us to pray for schools, but they won't let us pray in schools.

No Russian collusion? Then quit acting like a traitor and do something.

Research shows Russians believe Americans are ignorant and stupid. Watching U.S. citizens attack our free press seems, in some cases, to bear that out.

Come on Chuck, Lamar, and Bob, let's support the Florida students and forget the NRA. Do you dare! We know Scott DesJarlais won't.

After 13 Russians got indicted for meddling in our election, I have noticed that some Trump followers still think it is fake news. Pretty scary.

All this Republican racism: Wasn't it the Republicans who freed the slaves and offered 1.8 million Dreamers a chance at citizenship? Or what?

If President Trump would present a list of "shovel ready" road and infrastructure projects, maybe the Democrats could support them.

Fox News constantly decries the double standards of the Democrats. I say if it weren't for double standards, Democrats wouldn't have any standards at all.

More memorials for the Fallen Five? Would not the money be better spent on schools or the VRI?

Can you truly say you feel safer with guns? Seems to me guns are killing us faster than making us safe. Please think about this.

The National Enquirer tries to influence you to buy that rag with outrageous stories. Would you buy it? You're the perfect target for the Russians.

Where in the world is Grover Norquist? Haven't heard any mention of no-tax pledges lately. Wonder why?

Guns: Let's reduce drunk driving by taking cars away from sober drivers.

Are you serious? Barack Obama a better president than Dwight Eisenhower? Apparently the people of Crimea did not get to vote in that opinion poll.

Andrew Jackson's "perceived bias against American Indians." Really, Jay Greeson? Perceived?

Why not offer retirement to central office staff instead of teachers? That's where the money drain is. We need experienced teachers.

How many times must we observe police officers blatantly speeding through town and on the highway without their lights on?

Sticky Stem Syndrome at Chattanooga eateries. The stem is part of the wine glass. Cleanliness 101. Please wash the entire glass. Yikes!

Hard to watch Channel 9 with its parent company Sinclair's right-wing bent. Stop telling me what to think with your propaganda. Switching the channel.

If lawyers could not advertise, the local TV stations would be bankrupt. How did our world get so lawsuit crazy? Only lawyers win in court!

No sun for days and days. We are storing too much information in the cloud. This technology is sure to create a new Ice Age.

We can put men on the moon but can't seem to find the trash bin? Sad.

Just out of curiosity, David Cook, what are some words that those marketing our city could have used that are synonymous with blackness?

I wrote a term paper once. Does that make me a journalist?

It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment. —Ansel Adams, photographer (20 February 1902-1984).

What is the city of Chattanooga doing to keep AR-15 weapons out of the hands of children?

BEWARE OF DOG doesn't mean there "is" a dog. ARMED SCHOOL PERSONNEL ON DUTY doesn't mean they are there. But would you risk either one?

Please, Please, put down the stupid cell phone and pay attention to your driving.

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