Trump spent 25 percent of days as president golfing. Tweeted during campaign Obama was neglecting the country by spending one single day golfing. Hypocrite!

The left is so creative. They can turn everything positive the president does into a negative. Facts? Irrelevant! Common sense? "Gone With the Wind"!

With Putin in charge, the Russian elections are as democratic as electing a man president of the senior class at GPS in Chattanooga.

Satan himself would not stand a chance winning a liar's contest with Donald Trump. And the folks fall for him, loving to be lied to.

Congress members insulted and ridiculed by Trump line up to kiss his ring after tax law is passed and he is happy with them. Disgusting.

Good thing China and other countries will loan us more funds to cover our budget so we can cut taxes on corporations and the wealthy.

Forget the Russian probe, climate change, harassment, etc. The reason you are free is because of the veterans! Take care of them first!

Thank you, POTUS, for actually creating jobs for Americans resulting in the lowest unemployment rates in decades.

How to do 401(k) math: One year of Donald Trump equals eight years of Barack Obama.

Do you want to see America's future under Trump? Go to the land where loyalty is valued over competence and rule of law. Google "Venezuela crisis 2017."

Roy Moore's begging for donations to investigate election fraud should convince all but the brainwashed that he is indeed a loose cannon.

On recent FBI revelations, Ron Hart was right: "when Dems seek to tear apart a president, they might be surprised which one they get."

Obama was the worst president in my 65 years.

The Republican tax bill will help most Americans, period. I don't recall the Democrats passing one under Obama to help anybody.

What has the Democratic Party done for the American people the last year? Absolutely nothing.

For the Dems who have been praising Bob Corker lately, he just broke their little bitty hearts and hurt their little pointed heads.

Sedition: conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state. How can you read that and not impeach Maxine Waters for sedition?

If Tennessee legalized marijuana, will the price of rolling papers go up?

How much longer can the American taxpayer afford to raise their own family, plus the families of illegal aliens and the families of unwed mothers?

Perhaps Baby University would be better served if they taught birth control.

Children who receive Sack Packs and may also receive food assistance through another program, we love you and want you to be healthy.

Rebranding the school district may be good; at least some innovating things are being tried.

Rebranding: HCDE Board, sticking Cadillac emblems on your Chevy won't make it run better.

Front page (Dec. 31 Perspective section) — all for Bennett's work? Now for equal rights, you need to give one to a conservative cartoonist. Is the TFP for liberals only?

Putting new lipstick on a pig does nothing except waste money that schools could put to better use.

Perhaps the CTFP would consider a conservative cartoonist when conservatives are in power and a liberal cartoonist when liberals are in power; not like now.

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