By half-time, Trump realized folks came to watch football (not him) and he went home. Perhaps to learn the lyrics to the national anthem.

Republican Congress persons are so drunk with power and partisanship that they will excuse treason and usurpation of the Constitution and end of the republic.

Remember when it was said that he was "temperamentally unfit to be president?" Proven daily.

Since New Year's Eve, life has been just a "BRRR."

"Today" show, when there's a national news event, do you really think we'll all tune in so Hoda Kotb can explain it to us?

Jay Greeson's opinion published on Jan. 4, should be mandatory reading for everyone. Be calm, my friend, and keep up the great work.

To fill in all the potholes, all the Chattanooga mayor has to do is to pick up all the litter in Chattanooga. Problem solved.

Has AG Sessions left his states' rights principles behind when it comes to medical marijuana?

Thank you, POTUS, for protecting our borders so that we don't have the same crime problems that Europe is experiencing.

Bringing daily chaos to America: Donald, Donald Jr, Eric, Jared, Steve, Sarah, Kellyanne, alone or in combination.

Tax cut could add $1.5 trillion to the debt over 10 years, Obama added more debt than 43 presidents before him in eight years.

If our new HCDE leadership was about finding new ideas, we may have missed the mark, because rebranding to hide failure is so 1990s.

Hope everybody is enjoying our global warming.

I think it would be to the citizens' advantage to publish a guide on "How to Navigate Roundabouts."

Read the final tax law: Middle class actually get a tax break, lower classes don't pay tax to begin with. Charitable deductions remain. Get it?

Why do most rightwing ranters usually use opinions presented as facts and outright lies in Rants. Low on facts?

New fast food sandwich for 2018: the Mc Trump — an unseasoned, small reptile brain served on two oversized, stale buns.

Minnesota athlete suspended for suspected sexual misconduct. Again, why was the girl in his room? To drink tea?

Trump says he's a "stable genius." Does that mean he can talk like a horse's rear end?

You would think in the Bible Belt we would have more drivers like Jesus.

I believe our president is as Homer Simpson once described himself. He's a double bacon genius burger.

That is what we need: a government-funded baseball stadium with $10 hotdogs and beers.

How many New Yorkers or Californians will be moving to Tennessee next year, just to pay their taxes and live?

If the font in your weekend Car Talk column gets any smaller, you will be able to print it on the head of a pin.

The president's self-assessment of his mental state is akin to the semi-deaf student I taught who said he heard everything that was important.

The odds of receiving a moving violation in Chattanooga or Hamilton County is the same as winning the big lottery.

To those offended by female newscasters with crossed legs and thin knees, I say "change the channel."

Thank you, TFP, for the wonderful insert "The Christmas Story," published on Christmas Day. It was a joy to see such beautiful illustrations along with scripture.

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