Thanks, Trump. Now the late great George Carlin is down to six words you can't say on TV.

Chrysler Fiat moving truck production from Mexico to Michigan creating jobs for Americans. Thank you, POTUS.

What he really means when he says Make America Great Again finally comes out of the despot's mouth.

Perhaps those who criticize Trump's characterization of some countries should move there to find out why so many of their citizens want to leave.

Norwegians won't leave their nice country — good schools, universal health care, equal prosperity — to move to the s—-hole America's become since Trump took office.

Dems think the economic turnaround is a result of Obama's policies. They're right. Obama's policy was to stand around and wait for someone to fix things.

So how did our president honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? He played a round of golf. Sad!

Why do most left-wing ranters usually use opinions presented as facts and outright lies in "Rants"? Too much MSNBC and CNN?

Shall we snuff out the light and take down the Statue of Liberty, Mother of Exiles, and store it in the Trump Tower basement?

Why do some on the right try to make a bad word out of the word "liberal"? Try using a dictionary. Also, look up conservative.

POTUS: President Of The Ultra-rich Subjects.

Recently a Republican lost in a Senate race in Alabama. There was no rioting, looting, Antifa, injuries, etc. What happened? Are Republicans more sophisticated?

We need a president and government officials who truly communicate on a daily basis with God our father.

To paraphrase Santayana, those who fail to learn the lessons of the past are guaranteed a place in Trump's cabinet.

Excuse Jane Fonda? She's a traitor. End of conversation.

Why are charities tasked with feeding the poor? Shouldn't this be the role of government?

Big whoop. You get a one-time $1,000, while your boss makes billions, forever, thanks to the Republicans' new tax bill.

It is not how women dress, where they go, or what they drink that causes men to harass, abuse and rape. Stop blaming women.

Part of the record suicide rate can be linked to tears in our social fabric created by false promises and lies by our leadership.

If you want to solve the teacher shortage, train people with degrees in other fields who might want to give classroom teaching a try.

There once was a genius born in a stable — a moral teacher who knew the way of truth.

Whatever you do, with DACA, food packs, health care, and food stamps, do not let parents off the hook for being totally responsible for their children.

Hey city officials, better update your website. Says nothing about not being able to recycle glass. In fact, it shows you can recycle glass. Make up your mind.

When the Hamilton County Board of Education is rebranded, will 100 percent instead of 33 percent students be able to read at grade level?

If Norfolk Southern was responsible for dumping a 1,000 gallons of gasoline into our river, it should pay a hefty fine.

I would rather see the AFLAC sign on the building on Cherokee Boulevard than the garish lighted sign on Market! Unfair exceptions seems.

Sen. Corker, so sad that your success went to your head and not your heart.

Use black spray paint from waist down for same effect as leggings — cheaper!

Christian churches should give out free bumpers stickers stating "I drive like Jesus."

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