Trump weighs 239 pounds? Only 20+ pounds off the mark. Excellent cardiac health? Not with an LDL cholesterol level 43 percent above the desired level.

Sign of maturity? It appears the City Council has had it with Mayor Berke's expensive, ineffective Violence Reduction Initiative and its social services component.

Trump's insulting comments will do nothing to make America great; they will only help to create a nation full of hate. America's pride has diminished.

Donald Trump has done what many thought was impossible. He has, by comparison, made George W. Bush look good.

It wasn't the Democrats or Republicans that shut down government. It was Congress, one body representing all citizens instead of a bunch of egotistical maniacs.

Fact: A quick study of the civilized world press illustrates how much respect, built over decades, the U.S. has lost in just one year.

Robert Mueller III, please please save us from this lying buffoon.

Thank you, POTUS, for tariffs on imported solar panels benefiting U.S. producers and creating jobs.

I wonder how many folks who threatened to move to Canada because of President Trump will now, in further protest, decide to move to Haiti?

U.S. House to consider returning Cherokee Homeland — another gambling casino right around the corner. But please, no federal funding.

I miss Barack, I miss Bill, you know I even miss W.

As a deplorable, I am too busy working to pay my ACA premium that covers half those people in pink strolling in the park.

Palestinians were in the Holy Land 3,000 years before Christ. Don't tell me they don't have a claim to a homeland. Get educated.

The role of government and not charities is feeding the poor? Seriously?

To the writer of the letter "Reader fears we are raising incapable kids": Sounds like you have a problem — anger. Get help.

Gymnastics: Parents share blame for Dr. Nassar's abuse. Anything to have an Olympic star, fame and money. Be real.

Tennessee government declares opioid drug addiction "Opioid Use Disorder." What's next, cell phone dependency disorder? Chapelle couldn't come up with this stuff!

Come on, Red Bank, your courts are full, now how come there's no litter pick-up? The city streets look filthy.

Can someone please tell me when the bridge between Hickory Valley and Shallowford roads will be finished?

To the ranter who called America a s**hole: Why do you stay here if that is what you think? You are blessed to live here.

No more "Dixie" in Dixie Stampede? Does stop talking with a Southern accent come next? Get a life, people.

Dreamers should be called what they really are — Americans — not illegals. If we expel them, we should be called what we really are: uncivilized.

Left-leaning ranters don't have to constantly lie or exaggerate. Sift through Le Monde, Fox, WSJ, BBC, and many others and truth will emerge.

Republicans like to bash Obama for raising the national debt but worship "Reagan the Great," who almost tripled the debt of the first 39 presidents.

Is the city concerned about and/or complicit in the growing homeless tent camp set up behind the city's police precinct on 11th Street?

Columnist David Cook makes a great point. I would love to have a conversation with the Left without being yelled at and called names.

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