Without free speech, without freedom to disagree, without fear of physical harm, America is doomed.

Signs of frustration because they have nothing else: Democrats crying, "Drain the Swamp."

Leslie Stahl says that Trump confessed that he bashes the media so that we won't believe them when they tell us the truth about him.

Evangelicals should move to have "Thou shalt not lie" and a few others stricken from the Ten Commandments. Immorality and constant lying are now acceptable.

Trump can definitely out-crazy Kim Jong Un. This is just a bit of fun to watch.

Tennessee GOP leaders: speak out against Trump's dumb auto tariffs.

Surprised by Trump's conspiracy theories he uses to confuse the weak-minded? Don't be. His political career started with his ludicrous birtherism conspiracy. It works.

What do you call someone who tries to divide your social group with false statements and innuendo? Mr. President.

The president of USC is responsible for setting the moral tone. He stepped down because he failed. Who sets the moral tone for the U.S.?

John Kerry sneaking off to speak with the Iranians just like he did with the Viet Cong in Paris. Some things never change.

"President Trump and I have a lot in common." Don't believe I'd a told that that one, Randy Boyd!

This back and forth each week about politics is getting old. There are far more things to talk about.

Robin Smith, your column decrying the decline of mutual respect in our country should have been addressed to the White House, not to Chattanoogans.

Walter Williams' May 20 commentary was right on so many levels. What has the Democratic Party done for black communities? Not much.

Looks like we elected the swamp monster to drain the swamp.

President Trump, don't insult our wild animal kingdom. They only kill for food. The MS-13 gang rape, torture and kill for fun and entertainment.

Why does Pam Sohn write with such unmitigated glee when North Korea bests our president? Why isn't she living there? What a phony.

Dance on, regular Nightfall dancers. Dance on! Your pure joy is contagious. You are Nightfall to me.

The only bicyclists I see running red lights downtown are the ones wearing helmets and cycling gear.

I am the idiot who drives in the left lane at exact speed limit. You, sir, are the idiot law-breaker who exceeds the speed limit.

Am I the only senior who struggles with the size of the print and graphics of the comic strips?

The growth in downtown Chattanooga is causing great increases in rent for apartments in Red Bank. Please keep our rents affordable.

Socioeconomic desegregation sounds like someone has a plan to get rich off taxpayers! You can bus kids to school but you can't make them learn.

Just sold my house to a fellow from Pennsylvania. When asked why he moved his business, he said rock climbing and people so friendly.

Guns don't kill people. People kill people. Why is that so difficult for many people to understand?

If the answer to gun violence is fewer doors in schools, what happens when there's a fire or other emergency and students can't exit?

Wake up, HCDE. Stop spending money on worthless consultants and spend money on making all students safe. Learning can't flourish under fear.

It's time to disband militaristic SWAT teams. DEA apologizes for raiding the wrong house in Bradley. Saying "sorry" isn't good enough.

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