Trump's brilliance is in taking a sow's ear, painting it and convincing others it is a silk purse.

Thank you, POTUS, for another month of job gains resulting in an unemployment rate the lowest since 2000.

I hope the evangelicals forgive my trespasses as they do Trump's. Thankfully, I have far less!

What comes out of the mouth, comes from the heart. Liberals are using Trump as excuse to show their true selves. And it's often despicable.

The Miss America pageant is dropping its swimsuit competition. That's one way to keep Trump out of the contestants' dressing rooms while they are changing.

If the president as president cannot obstruct justice, he is above the law and the American republic is dead and replaced by a totalitarian dictatorship.

The genius is at it again. Claims he can win a trade war. U.S. jobs at risk. Now Canada is a national security threat.

Trump supporters keep using the term "Trump haters." Well, I don't hate Trump. However, I do dislike immoral, pathological lying, draft-dodging cowards in general.

You may be POTUS, Trump, but I am better than you any day. I served my country 1966-1972 in the U.S. Navy and proud of it.

Ron Hart on CNN said about Melania's surgery, "In Buckhead, housewives who have three-day 'kidney surgery' always come back with a tighter face and perkier breasts."

It is time that the Constitution be amended to do away totally with the power of the president to pardon. Period.

Lock him up. Arrest Trump for impersonating a president.

The Chattanooga Times editorial page headline shrieks, "Trump's Political Pardons Send Clear Messages." Yup, it's clear to me — we won, you lost. Suck it up.

WTH, people? Use your turn signals for their intended purpose!

No seats in front of the stage at Nightfall. Half are empty and people just sit there. Nightfall energy is lost!

Dr. Clif Cleveland's column is a treasure. I wish it was daily!

City to spend $4 million for bridge lights. What about city streets? The motto of Chattanooga is "patch, not pave." Do something for city taxpayers. Pave the streets first.

Speed ranges on the Highway 153 autobahn: sedans 50 — 70 mph, SUV's and trucks 65— 80 mph, motorcycles 75 — 95 mph. Please keep up!

Scenic City is no longer scenic at Exit 174. Homeless camp under the overpass, garbage is slowly sliding down to the sidewalk. Needs serious help.

To the ranter who said he went the speed limit in the fast lane. Please note the law TN-SB1608. Swallow your pride and move over.

I love the Walnut Street Bridge, a defining city landmark. But $4 million for lighting would instead go a long way to repaving our roads.

Editors, please choose carefully from letters to the editor from Trump supporters. Most of them make white people look ignorant and stupid. We're not.

It is obvious the national anthem has caused unnecessary friction at sporting events. Solution: Don't play it!

Starting to enjoy your paper's new puzzle challenge where you have to search for the correct continuation page for the article you are reading.

The Explore Downtown Living Tour was a pleasure. Very well organized and such fun. Thanks.

We seem to have lost a national treasure. It's called civility. Can you help me find it so we can start treating people with respect?

Presidents usually make decisions based on what they perceive is in the best interest of the country. Not so for Trump. So far, all of his decisions appear motivated either by personal gain or spite.

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