Mueller's bogus wild goose chase finds nothing — despicable. Meanwhile, Trump keeps winning and haters keep whining — priceless!

Why does Congress have to work over the summer? Because Republican president and House and Senate are too weak for the Democrats resistance. Awwww.

Why do we have in excess of 7,000 troops stationed in Africa? Vietnam all over again!

Our "narcissist" president just commuted a life sentence of a black woman. (Oh, and did I mention he's also a racist?)

Trump is not above the law. Wake up, people, he is making a mockery of everything this country stands for; and hurting our world standing.

Ron Hart's doctrine on North Korea: "Let dolts monkey with nukes in a country the size of N.J., then let Darwinism work." LOL!

First Triple Crown winner in three years. Does this mean Justify is not invited to the White House?

Betsy DeVos: She was on TV in front of a House committee trying to defend looking into school safety but not including gun violence.

What a laugher seeing Democrats, post-North Korea summit, taking the exact opposite positions they did when Obama was president.

Let me guess, we are now going to build a wall along the Canadian border and Canada will pay for it!

President Trump predicted that we would get tired of winning. He did not anticipate that the Chattanooga Times would not get tired of losing.

Ron Hart has a selective memory. Ken Starr spent years and $88 million of our tax dollars to discover what? Sex in the Oval Office?

The $4 million light show proposed for the Walnut Street Bridge was a solution looking for a problem to solve. What were they thinking?"

The writer fully supporting the Electoral College is obviously not a Democrat in Tennessee, where one's vote for president is totally meaningless.

Democrats, you better step off that hose providing your November Blue Wave. Right now, it's looking like a tiny trickle.

Who doesn't realize that Trump's football kneeling issue is 100 percent political? He's not patriotic. He is, and always will be, a draft-dodging coward.

[Life columnist Bill] Stamps started out good. Now he is too long-winded and redundant. We know where he grew up!

While Trump works to make Russia great again, despite their constant lies, he attacks Canada for truth-telling. Trump and Russia, birds of a feather.

Why does Rep. Diane Black continue to hide from gubernatorial forums? We want to see how you'll do when the pressure's on.

Trump needs to read up on Hoover, the Hawley-Smoot Tariff, the Great Depression and the beginnings of World War II. History repeating.

Five stars: What a great addition to Collegedale — the farmer's market on Wednesday afternoons at the Collegedale Pavilion.

Buyers of residential property in Signal Mountain must maintain residential use. Who permits the Presbyterian church to buy homes for conversion to storage or for parking?

I really like that Ron Hart — he can take a situation and really sum it up!

Not since slavery and Native American assimilation has our country ripped children away from their parents. That's Trump's legacy.

Only Fox News is disgusting enough to show Philadelphia players praying to God before a game and say they were kneeling during the anthem.

Diane Black claims that Washington has a "catch and release" policy regarding illegal immigrants. But that's not Sessions' and Trump's policy. So why lie, Diane?

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