We've got 12 aircraft carriers. Trump declared we've wasted $7 billion on recent wars, yet demanded massively increased military spending. Orange man speaks with forked tongue.

"Our democracy is in serious danger." — Thomas Friedman. Because the 2016 losers keep trying to steal the election they deservedly lost. Down establishment, up reform!

Champion bone spur draft dodger calling First Amendment followers (including double amputees, veterans, active-duty servicemen and servicewomen), traitors/un-American for not applauding his speech, really?

Heard there was a shooting at Hamilton Place mall. Guess we'd better get some armed teachers out there.

How many people are killed by texting-while-driving teenagers vs. how many are killed by guns? So, Dems say let's do away with guns!

The president? FBI? Florida governor? Guns? No. The one to blame is the one who pulls the trigger. Let's get real here, people.

Playing the blame game and militarizing our schools does not resolve the issue of the availability of guns meant for war instead of personal hobby.

Trump running into danger? That butterball couldn't run down Lookout Mountain with gravity tugging on him.

Letter says "Show the president the respect of his office." Maybe when the president shows his respect of his office and to others. Not until then.

Executive leadership is not taking personal credit for what goes right or placing blame on others for what goes wrong.

Don't forget that the mass shootings have not been confined to school buildings, but the type of gun used has been consistent regardless of location.

So, the logic is, since we can't stop all killings, let us not try to stop any killings?

More guns to stop killings is like having sex for the cause of chastity.

The reason Australia and England have no problem with guns is that they have no Second Amendment or as many freedoms as we.

Keep Guantanamo open; add a presidential suite!

Sheriff Scott Israel of Parkland got it right:"If you don't like what your government is doing, get out and vote for those you agree with."

SandyHook#strong, Chattanooga#strong, Columbine#strong, Parkland#strong, LasVegas#strong. Congress#weak.

To ban AR-15s, you must ban Rep. Chuck Fleischmann.

Civilians can't drive tanks on our streets. Civilians shouldn't have automatic weapons. War apparatus is war apparatus. You don't need a tank or an AR!

Do not fear a ban on weapons. We'll just become a sanctuary state for undocumented firearms.

I'm glad I am no longer a school teacher. I don't want to have to shoot anyone.

Will those who crowed that our recent cold weather denied global warming, please now admit that our current record warm spell proves that it must be true.

Sunday's TFP story about HCDE tobacco policy states nowhere that it is illegal for under 18 to smoke in public. Enforce this, problem solved.

Must have a new rant editor. First time I haven't started Sunday off wondering what happened to my conservative Chattanooga.

The editorial section of the TFP is a total disgrace. Nothing but left-wing, liberal, fake news, "snow flakes." Drain the swamp.

To the Florida youth petitioning their state representatives for tighter restrictions on assault weapons, recall this country has the best government that money can buy.

Has Dollywood removed all of the Dixie cups yet?

Jay Greeson is right again. HCDE does not want to get letter grades because they are failing to provide quality education.

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