Hi, Michelle Wolf. I'd like to introduce you to Kathy Griffin. She can help you with your transition into your fall from grace.

President Trump calling Michelle Wolf "filthy" is the pot calling the kettle black.

Poor little Republican snowflakes! The big bad Wolf told them the truth and they freaked out. When the going gets tough, Republicans go home.

Trump's "masters" tell Hannity what they want Trump to say. Hannity broadcasts on Fox News. Trump hears and obeys orders. No collusion. Plausible deniability.

What's the criteria for a White House nominee's morals, ethics and experience? To be no worse than Trump?

Democrats once more destroy a Republican nominee with false accusations with the help of the media; can't wait for November .

If Trump said the world is flat, his supporters would praise his genius and search for the edges.

Extreme grade inflation: Trump gives his Presidency an A+.

Brent Lambert is 0-for-2 on Hamilton County Commission runs. Perhaps one of his Exit 1 benefactors can find him a better job.

If you thought Kanye West dissing Taylor Swift was bad, note what's happened to him since he said kind words about Trump.

Deposed Bradley County Sheriff Eric Watson will now have plenty of time to get his paperwork in order when he makes selling used cars his profession.

Defeat of Nashville Transit Referendum doesn't bode well for Karl Dean or Phil Bredesen. Sorry, Dems, look for help elsewhere.

The are no problems only solutions, except when it comes to Republicans and Democrats in Congress.

If California can ignore ICE law, why can't Tennessee ignore the EPA and stop emission testing?

Clint Cooper wrote, "We're not quite sure why the politics of personal destruction is such a well-used Democratic tool " Clint must've missed Trump's Twitter storms!

Pam Sohn is so entrenched in embracing her hateful views that she cannot accept that Trump is making America great again.

Tennessee lawmakers voted to punish "Sanctuary Cities" (which do not exist in Tennessee), and twice declined to identify hate groups (which do exist).

Received an invitation to a "live tele-forum" by Rep. Chuck Fleischmann. He doesn't have the guts to stand in front of his constituents in person.

Wells Fargo can get a billion dollar fine dramatically reduced: Host a weekend at Mar-a-Largo and give Trump an award with his picture on it.

Judges should be appointed by knowledgeable peers, based on merit, not elected by the public. What do we know?

Boyd/Lambert: What's the difference? One's a typical bullying politician and one's a sheep. I wrote in Donald Duck!

Please don't try to squeeze your 15-foot car into the 16-foot space between me and the next vehicle on the interstate.

Thank you for the great job on Mountain View Road. It is a pleasure to drive on.

Adios, Sheriff Watson. The good old boy network couldn't save you this time.

Walgreen's entrance/exit on Market Street North Shore needs to be closed. Dangerous and many drivers cutting through parking lot fast to get to Woodland.

Heads up, Commissioner Mackey. With a stronger opponent next time, you might be in trouble. It's not OK to do business as usual.

Now parking fees at the Chattanooga Market! Nevermore.

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