That "unethical, immoral and incompetent" Trump recently put an extra $100/month in my wife's paycheck (almost what Obama took). Remember that in November.

Now nuclear instability in Iran and North Korea. Captain Chaos strikes again!

Trump finally told the truth about something when he said he "only hires the best people." Way to go Rudy!

Trump doesn't want sanctuary cities for dreamers. He wants sanctuary news outlets for his half-truths and lies: Breitbart, Fox, RedState, Circa

Not sure the Blue Wave is gonna roll quite as large as some Dems believe.

Republican acceptance of President Trump proves they believe in "the end justifies the means." Unfortunately, your children are watching.

Question: How many Democrats does it take to solve a problem? Answer: Nobody knows. It's never been done.

If Stormy Daniels received $130,000 years ago from Trump's lawyer was it disclosed on her income tax return? If not, will the IRS investigate her?

President Trump gets North and South Korea to talk. Barack Obama gets another Nobel Peace Prize.

Obama spied. Hillary deleted 30K emails and paid for the dossier. Comey leaked. McCabe lied. Outrage, Trump might have had an affair 10 years ago.

There are too many editorial writers creating news and too many newscasters analyzing it.

Nominating someone for the Nobel Peace Prize for actually contributing to world peace? The Democrats will never buy it.

Why do you carry Paul Krugman's column on The Chattanooga Times editorial page and not the comics? The man has never made a correct prediction. Never.

Russia gives millions to the NRA. NRA gives millions to the GOP. Is this American, Chuck Fleischmann?

The next "Heritage Act" the Tennessee legislature passes will include a "Confederate Memorial to the Unborn" provision. That would satisfy their entire political base.

EPB, ya'll would kill a lot fewer trees if you'd combine our power and fiber bills into one.

If doctors were paid only on results, they would starve.

Wow, maybe Hillary should have stayed in New Zealand. She could be prime minister there one day.

If HCDE really wants to solve resegregation and inequality, find an enrollment process that divorces school zones from property values.

Who's in charge in Knoxville? Where's the leadership? UTK should be renamed Huckleberry U.

Cemetery and mausoleum in East Ridge is under expansion and construction and has posted a sign saying "pardon our dust." Clueless.

Another embarrassing blowup in East Ridge. If you had a choice, where would you rather live: East Ridge or Bradley County?

According to Parade magazine, a reality TV star earns $41 million per year while an elementary teacher in Mississippi earns $35,000. What about this inequity?

Bradley County voters have spoken. Now ex-sheriff Eric Watson can sell cars from the side of the road on a full-time basis.

Are we seeing a full-on embrace of a schools integration effort through rezoning and busing? Everyone, stop using code words.

Changed plans Saturday because of 100 percent predicted rain and poof. No rain.

So, Trump pulls the U.S. out of the Iran deal. Russia wants to sell new weapons to Iran. The NRA is funded by Russia. Oliver North is the new president of the NRA. North previously illegally sold weapons to Iran. All this is just coincidence though, right?

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