Becoming a conservative evangelical is looking more attractive. They are tolerant of adultery, pornography and now have legalized sports gambling.

If you're lucky enough to get enough money from the tax cut to buy a new TV, thank your grandchildren. They'll be paying for it.

Dems might be peaking too early for that Blue Wave. If the economy is still hot, GOP will be fine. Wait and see.

I have wondered from childhood how decent religious Germans could have accepted such evil leadership in their country. Now I understand.

Obama's policy of "strategic patience" was pure genius. Wait long enough, and someone competent will come along and cover your screw-ups.

Is anyone tired of "winning" yet? POTUS told us we would get tired of winning. He keeps on winning, doesn't he?

Good thing you got that extra $100 on your paycheck from Trump because you will need it to pay for your Trump gas.

Before the Left goes off on the rising gas prices here in the USA, in Europe they pay $6.30 per gallon of gasoline.

Columnist Robin Smith says we are missing the good policy Trump is churning out. She's right. Wish she would provide some specifics.

Putting Rudy "The Mouth" Giuliani on the Sunday talk shows is just lighting another fuse in the smoldering Trump administration time bomb.

It seems unethical that taxpayers should be paying for Trump's campaign rallies.

Rudy and "The Big Cheeto" are two of a kind: loud, brash New Yorkers with the attention span of a cocker spaniel.

When Trump's former and current Cabinet members call him an idiot and a moron, we should pay attention. They know him better than we do.

Instead of getting involved in politics, why doesn't UnifiEd get behind raising money for more SROs in schools?

The homeless problem can be solved with a designated overnight area and a required work program.

Black Lives Matter? Ninety-plus percent of all black shooting deaths are black-on-black crimes. Most are gang-related. Where's the outrage?

Sign in front yard: "No Border Wall, No Muslim Ban." Sign on front door: "No Solicitations." See how the liberals live.

Since legislators in Nashville want to erect a monument to the unborn child, why not erect one to the abused child?

Why don't we just send every minority student in Hamilton County to McCallie or GPS? That should be satisfactory to UnifiEd!

School board is right to question PAC involvement with school matters. Who's behind the curtain? Follow the money! Busing, seriously? Born yesterday? Who pays?

Unless you are running in the Aug. 2 election, pick up your campaign signs. There are laws about this; look it up.

$10 dollar parking fee at the Chattanooga Market? You will not see us there anymore.

Rant rules should state that they are to be 25 words or less except when the subject is Trump bashing!

If you bicyclists find you must relieve your bladder, please find a tree. Nobody wants to see your "man-parts!" There are plenty of trees.

To the musicians with the recorder/flute at an Enterprise South bunker, thank you! It was so calming.

No one understands the human condition like Ron Hart. He uses humor to expose the excesses of the body politic. I totally dig the guy.

Thank you, Jay Greeson, for introducing me to Pops. Both of you touched my heart.

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