Diane Black's forum avoidance questioned

Don't you find it interesting that Diane Black is never available for any of the forums, while most of the other candidates are?

Maybe it's because she really doesn't have one single idea of her own and just expects the fact that she's Mini-Trump will get her elected.

The sad part is, it'll probably work. I mean, it did for Chuck Fleischmann.

Lauren Pieniaszek


If insurers go broke, socialized medicine follows

Covering pre-existing conditions is socialism!

It is no longer insurance. Insurance works on statistical likelihood of what it covers. When 100 percent of every diseased person is covered after the fact that means that all the insured share the expense. Tell me how this differs from socialized medicine. The only difference I see that the other insured pay rather than the government. No wonder insurance rates have skyrocketed to the point that government subsidies are necessary to make them affordable.

Because my wife and I were declared "uninsurable," Tennessee covered my wife and I with "Tenncare." I think government should cover pre-existing conditions, as Tenncare covered my wife and I. Now insurance companies will go out of business because few can now afford their policies.

Wouldn't this make socialized medicine a necessity? If insurance companies all go out of business, socialized medicine would have to replace them.

Dr. Tom Herzog

Trump is traitor, should be impeached

What word best describes an immoral, lying, ego-maniacal leader who disrespects the free press, destroys our environment, has no respect for science, tears immigrant families apart, angers our allies, and comforts our enemies?

Far from "making America great again," this person seems hell-bent on destroying America.

What word comes to mind? Traitor.

When will this country wise up, rise up, and impeach Trump before he causes irreparable harm to our country?

Dennis Murphy