'Despicable' Trump dog doesn't hunt

Since the emergence of Trump as a political reality show host broadcasting from the White House, I have avoided discussing politics with Trump supporters — especially fundamentalists, Christians and evangelicals (FC&Es). The conversation invariably degenerates into a regurgitation of insight provided by Fox News, one of the myriad of televangelists or their preacher.

I have, however, been blessed with FC&E friends who have graciously enlightened my path with insight as to why a despicable excuse for a human being is good for this country. The path to enlightenment is a difficult, constantly shifting one as FC&Es scramble to justify support, notwithstanding the daily revelations regarding Trump and his entourage — compromising their own morality with each justification.

From denial to grudging acknowledgement, the justification has shifted. The Chesapeake Bay Retriever (CBR) justification is, perhaps, the most creative. According to this rationale, the CBR is a bad dog but does one thing well — retrieve dead ducks. Without debating what Trump has done well, this rationale begs the question as to which bad people are entitled to this "get out of jail free" card.

Alas, I have not yet seen the light. The Trump dog does not hunt.

T. William Alexander

Elect people to lead whole community

I was saddened by Rhonda Thurman's and Joe Smith's recent statement that we don't need to desegregate our schools and equally disappointed at the silence of several other school board members.

Ms. Thurman said this is her county, and she doesn't need liberals from out of town telling her what to do. Well, this is my county, too. I was born and raised here, and I own two businesses in Hamilton County. I would gladly pay more taxes for a school system that addresses our community's needs — equity and opportunity for all our citizens. We need to do more to properly prepare our workforce.

Mr. Smith described Hamilton County as a conservative place. Can we please rise above labels and focus on doing what is right for our kids? I first came to know Joe Smith when I sent several kids I mentor to his boxing camp. I know Joe understands the devastating impact of entrenched, multi-generational poverty, mass incarceration, addiction and violence. One-third of our schools currently serves a population with greater than 80 percent of students in poverty.

Let's elect people who will represent our whole community. Time to stop fear-mongering and lead.

Katie King

Cartoon character confuses fact, opinion

In the May 9 Mallard Fillmore cartoon, Fillmore told of a half-blind dog that protected a lost 3-year-old until she was found. It was touching to hear of the dog's valor. Then Fillmore said, "Meanwhile there remains exactly zero heroic cat stories."

Actually there are such stories. Here is a Youtube link to 10 such stories They include a cat who kept an abandoned baby warm in freezing temperatures, a blind cat which attacked an intruder in its owner's bedroom, a family cat which attacked a much larger dog that had attacked a boy, and a cat that alerted it's sleeping owner to a snake. There were even more entries. My sister's cat once attacked two dogs fighting because they were too close to my sister.

I wonder if Fillmore was more visually impaired than the half-blind dog he had mentioned. I had heard of such reports and a search online would have made finding them easy. Could he not manage to find them? Or, could it be that it was simply biasness presenting his opinion as fact.

Harry Haller