Let's advocate for equitable schools

I am appalled by Mrs. Thurman's and Mr. Smith's stance against racial and socioeconomic integration policies to improve our school system and improve the quality of schools across the county. A free and equitable public education is the foundation of the American dream, especially in my family.

My grandfather was a railroad brakeman, my father attended public schools and state colleges, and now holds a doctorate degree. I am the product of busing and magnet schools in the 1990s. Those policies changed my life for the better.

I learned alongside friends that I never would have met if I had attended schools exclusively for the neighbors in my predominantly white subdivision.

I am terribly sorry that Mrs. Thurman and Mr. Smith are satisfied with the status quo of our school system and that they choose to ignore the desire for equitable schools that young parents like myself are advocating for.

Lauren Bruce


Will we address the culture issues?

Another shooting! Most of us are so sick of it. Something is terribly wrong with today's younger society, and we desperately need to address the real issues now, for it will only get worse.

Guns have been in this country's culture since its beginning. Semi-automatic weapons for civilian use have been available since the early 1900s and, yet, we did not have these problems.

As I grew up in the '60s and early '70s, we carried pocket knives to school with no problems. Students kept rifles in their vehicles to go hunting before and after school with no concerns. There were no metal detectors, SROs or SWAT on standby, and hardly any student needed arresting in school.

Now, plastic knives and forks are an issue in school. Students beat up teachers in class. Kids dare other kids to commit suicide. School athletes sexually assault fellow teammates.

Where did we as a society go wrong with today's children? Are we willing to recognize the true issues and address them, or do we just continue looking for easy scapegoats and platitudes? I fear what the answer might be.

Joe Kleinschmidt, Ooltewah


Vote goodwill over party line

Goodwill is what all marriages, businesses and governments need most.

"There is one thing the best relationship and the worst relationship have in common: Both will work with enough goodwill. Neither will work without enough goodwill." — Peter Drucker

Our constitutional government with its Bill of Rights is perhaps the best method to run a country ever devised. But Congress is paralyzed by organized bad will (the Trump-resistance movement. ).

Pray that enough goodwill is restored and that individual congresspersons of both parties feel free to vote what they believe is best for the people, even if it is against their party line.

Dr. Tom Herzog