Mr. Biden, swapping insults with a moron is like wrestling with a pig in the mud — you come to realize the pig likes it.

Now that was a big crowd, Donald.

Should Prince Charming be sued and/or prosecuted for sexual harassment/assault of Snow White because he kissed her while she was asleep?

Why doesn't Trump just transfer the whole Fox News staff to the White House? He's already well on the way.

A blade kills three times more than bullets from long guns. Ban the butcher knife!

I suspect if Russia called in all of the loans Trump owes them, he would be broke.

Women are coming out of the woodwork. How many mulligans should evangelicals give a philandering president?

How many affairs did Clinton and JFK have? Who knows, as the media and the Democrats continue their Trump witch hunt.

Trump is continuing to expose the swamp. He forced McConnell and Ryan out of the closet and shown them to be liberal politicians!

When will all these caring students stand up and denounce all the school bullies who led to numerous others committing suicide and mass murder?

Mudslinging is low. Politicians do it but now a local company's TV ad is doing it against a competitor. Not necessary.

I was unaware that women are "too hormonal" to make intelligent decisions about their bodies. Good thing a man came along to educate me.

Thanks, Georgia Republicans, for the "highest gas taxes" in the area. You are killing our local SPLOST tax because everybody is buying gas in Tennessee.

My Republican Party cared about national debt and did not well endure low morals. This Republican Party is why I am no longer a Republican.

Stormy Daniels — who cares! Russian probe — who cares! Gun control — Everyone cares! Why doesn't the media get their priorities right?

Don't worry, Hamilton County school board. Tennessee lawmakers just passed the "In God We Trust " school bill. The kids should be safe now.

After 1974 school shooting, Israel began training teachers with guns. Forty-four years later, only two shootings and perps were killed by teachers. Any questions?

Who is going to indemnify "designated teachers" in the event that an individual is harmed by "friendly fire"?

Walter Williams commentary on the gun debate and the moral and spiritual decline of America should be read by all concerned about school shootings, etc.

How come nobody's calling the Austin, Texas, bomber a terrorist? Because he's not Muslim?

Erect a statue for Edward Johnson of peace and hope, not one that reminds people of hatred.

Nobody asked us taxpayers, but I'd rather have a useful new grocery store on Signal Mountain than a useless new office building. Just sayin'.

Really? 10 million for a new park for the panhandlers, etc. to live in/take over? Pigeon Forge Island would look good at old foundry area.

Kudos to the Free Press Tuesday editorial on the Walnut Street Bridge. When is all of this re-naming stuff going to go away?

Amazing! Most comics make more sense than the political pages.

With hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank and no opponent, why is Mayor Jim Coppinger still raising money?

Our roads are full of potholes and are like washboards, but by golly, we will have bike lanes.

If you are more angry at children for demanding change than you are about the gun violence regularly taking their lives, then you are the problem.

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