In my book, pun intended, Comey's only "Higher Loyalty " is to the almighty dollar and getting the last dig for being fired by Trump.

Trump is of questionable character but he drives the Lefties insane. That is good.

The president calls the former FBI director a "slime ball." How eloquent.

Local politics are getting nasty, or so it appears. Extortion? Really? Isn't this the way the game normally works?

Paul Ryan's goal was to cut taxes for rich people and benefits for poor people. His work is done, so why stick around? Good riddance.

President Trump gives the world five days notice of a military strike, and Syria and the almighty Russia couldn't stop it.

Vlad, Don. We won't hit Syria hard with our missiles. Call me if we owe you for anything of yours we hit. Gotta stay friends.

President Trump, known for his divisive lies (fake news) and attempts to divide the nation with hate mongering, has finally bought us together with tariffs.

Mark Zuckerberg has fulfilled Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove vision. Facebook is the doomsday machine.

Seems responsible, "open-carry," gun owner would holster weapon rather than publicly tuck handgun in the back waistband of denim pants. Gun safety education, please.

The Democratic Party has turned itself into a ship of fools, steered by Pelosi and Schumer. Wake up! If not, you will sink!

Hey people! I mean sheeple! Facebook has all your information with your permission. Puh-leeze drop the outrage. You got sold.

Tattered books, broken desks, buildings in disrepair, woefully underpaid teachers. Underfunding education will come back to haunt us with an untrained workforce.

Want to save the lives of our youth? Raise the driving age to 21 .

Well, the best thing about East Ridge politics is that it's not Bradley County politics.

Politically motivated criminal charges by Brent Lambert have done what I thought was impossible, cause me to feel sympathetic towards and vote for Tim Boyd.

I'm so disheartened that Tennessee will be doing away with emissions testing. Guess clean air is not important.

Stormy Daniels' attorney is outgunning Trump et al. What will the world's greatest dealmaker do?

It's illegal for trucks to go up the W road. Let's have the same rule for bicycles until they stop swerving back and forth in both lanes.

Go back and read transcripts from Zuckerberg testimony. You will see he didn't tell all of the truth. This is far worse than you think.

Take a hint from Starbucks and check yourself rigorously for unconscious bias. It's there, all right.

Hey Congress, How about taking the gun issue as seriously as the Facebook data breach? I don't think anyone's died from the data breach.

No rant. Just a suggestion. To increase your IQ and social awareness, read Jay Greeson's opinions. Religiously!

The Yankees and Red Sox had a brawl during a game this week. I wonder how it would have turned out if everyone had a gun.

Good riddance, emissions testing. Not needed. Required repairs are unaffordable. This fix ran its course and it's time to move on.

Since U.S. Senate candidate Bredesen has given a "crumbs" comment almost identical to Nancy Pelosi's, here's hoping Marsha Blackburn uses it throughout her fall campaign.

Imagine how the national media praising the late Barbara Bush would describe her if she were the wife of Donald Trump: old, fat, dowdy, wrinkled ... Shame!

Does Brent Lambert know more District 8 voters live out of East Ridge than in it? Exit 1 doesn't help a lot in East Brainerd.

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