Why do we put up with alleged accusations from unknown sources? Twenty-four-hour news sources; 15 minutes of actual news; and ratings.

Trump lacks discipline, is ill tempered and obsessed with his reputation, and is a chronic liar and adulterer. Make America great again?

Trump never hurt any feelings worse than a drill sergeant will ever do. Enjoy your tax cuts hypocrites!

I wonder if the Trump organization will share corporate tax cuts with its employees?

Sen. Corker gets indignant at the mention of "Corker Kickback," claiming ignorance. Interesting that immediately after that he began mending fences with Trump. Coincidence?

Responding to inaccurate rants: The Obama debt increase paid for Republicans' Great Recession bailout and unwarranted Iraq war; Fox News is factless propaganda.

So Democrats, what are you doing with your consumer confidence, your rising 401ks, and your $1,000 bonuses? Donate it to charity to keep your anger.

Two thousand proven lies in his first year. In that regard, Donald Trump has definitely done more than any other president.

Do you think the average American citizen cares anything about the year-long, nothing found, Russian probe? No! The liberal media only keeps it going as a witch hunt.

A depraved couple gets arrested for abusing their children. A depraved president gets excuses and interpretations of his real meaning by our political leaders.

JFK wouldn't recognize the Democratic Party of today. I don't call them liberal; I call them brainwashed and way out in left field.

Listening to the Democrat Party you would think we live in a s***hole country.

Needed: Special prosecutors to investigate Uranium 1, Clinton Foundation, FISA court abuse, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and the Secret Society in FBI/DOJ.

We shouldn't be keeping all that U.S.-raised DACA talent to ourselves. Sending them home should really make their own countries great again.

Do the Democrats need the immigrant vote so bad they are willing to punish the entire country including the people in their power base?

Citico Creek gasoline dump: City council, mayor and county commission snooze. Why won't you do your jobs and protect us from apathetic industry?

What is the difference between an undocumented immigrant and an illegal immigrant? Just asking.

Waaaaaa. "Conservatives are treated unfairly by the TFP." Then subscribe to Breitbart.

When you elect a New York City used car salesman, you get a New York City used car salesman!

Rep. Diane Black says it's time to let the majority govern. OK, let's eliminate the Electoral College.

While Vietnam vets wait for an apology from Jane Fonda perhaps they will get one from the likes of LBJ, Nixon, McNamara, Westmoreland, Kissinger, et al.

It'll take a semi-trailer from a fleeced trucking firm to hold all the Pilot Flying J execs headed to jail.

Is it genuine ignorance or willful malice when people confuse climate and weather? There is a difference, I learned in third grade.

Why do athletes think we care what they think politically, when all we care is what they do on the field?

Too many days off for students because of bad weather and unnecessary breaks. Has anyone ever thought of having school from April to November?

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