President Trump and supporters: Chaos may be entertaining, but it is a dangerous way to run a country.

Gerrymandering congressional districts for political gain: Read American history and you will see who "wrote the book" on it — the Democrat Party.

If Trump actually read Forbes magazine, instead of being spanked with it, he'd know that trade wars are never good.

Thank you, Washington Post columnist Mark Thiessen, for the March 1 commentary: "Attacking NRA is Really Attacking Everyday Americans." It should be read by everyone.

Hey Delta! If you are looking to relocate from Atlanta, Tennessee would love to have you here!

What America needs is child control, not gun control.

Teachers with guns. How did that work out for Dalton High School?

Sheriff Hammond, you should be considering what is most effective, not what is least expensive, in reviewing alternatives for protecting our school children.

Federal funding for the NRA. If it's good enough for Planned Parenthood

If Chattanooga discontinues auto emission testing, we can thank President Obama. Obama cleaned up old coal-fired power plants, our real air pollution source for years.

Can we continue to careen from chaos to crisis with this crazy, crooked, clown-child-in–chief? How long, oh, how long?

The world just watches while Syrian president Assad uses sarin gas on his own people. Nazis used sarin, and we said never again.

Ending the burden of emission testing on all the people is more important than the way two bureaucrats feel. End it.

If Trump takes the guns away, we will be on our way to losing our freedom and being just like Russian citizens.

Delta drops discounts for NRA members and the Georgia legislature revokes Delta's tax break. Is there a stronger example of NRA influence over politicians?

April 22, 1970. April 22, 2018; 48 years; 193 countries participating but we still throw garbage on the ground. Pause and calmly think of that.

Oscar attendees are the new Pharisees — preaching to us then having caviar with gold dust. What hypocrites.

Censorship of Facebook and the Internet in general should be encouraged and improved although not to a ridiculous level.

We need media control laws more than gun control laws. Stuff the 1st Amendment!

Since we threw down the welcome mat for the homeless, are we surprised we have a big problem with pandhandling?

Hoping the new Lookouts ballpark has better design with some shade, working elevators for handicapped, canvas over party areas without rips and holes!

Clay! Clay! Clay! Give the Trump bashing a rest, dude! You have beat that dead horse enough. There are plenty of people to make fun of.

I am for lowering Chattanooga Convention & Visitors Bureau's money to help promote the arts. Can citizens finally vote on something?

Races held downtown should be held at 2 a.m. to prevent citizens of the city from having inconvenient delays up to an hour.

Kudos to columnist Jay Greeson for pointing out how to be a conservative without being a lackey for special interest groups!

If guns kill people, then the pens write lies. Cars drive drunk and spoons make people fat.

Columnist David Cook is finally right. Vast majority of gun owners are law abiding citizens. We must all work together to solve a serious problem.

KEY Gun violence statistic update: People without guns shot zero people today.

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